Now I am going to describe you about the topic of which I am going to make a project on. My topic for the project as described earlier is marble inlay of Agra. I was really surprised when I read about the art. When I researched in depth of the subject I get to know it is awe-inspiring. So let me take you to tour of a beautiful art that still resides in the heart of India.

Marble inlay is originally known as pietra dura, which is an Italian word meaning hard stone. Pietra dura is a pictorial mosaic work using semi-precious stones, inlaid in marble.

Pietra dura is also called Parchin Kari in India. Pietra dura is believed to be of Indian origin but it is Mughal inlay art in India. Marble inlay or Parchin Kari was brought to India by Mughal rulers. It was a remarkable feature of Mughal architecture in India. Inlay art was an instrument of powerful expression in the great age of the Mughal Empire. Marble inlay is practiced in India from 14 generations from down the line. Marble in inlaid with beautiful semi-precious and precious stones.

Below is an example of a table top made up of marble inlay in Agra.

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